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Wrap around case packer


Packing speed ≤15 Cartons/min
Machine Dimension L5722xW3066xH2635mm(Including the entry line)
Power Supply 380v 50Hz/8kw
Air source 0.6MPa(7Kgf/cm2)
Products application Bag, Bottle, Box
Carton size range L:450-1200 W:120-450 H:130-550(mm)
Function description 1.similar arch structure, can play the role of shock absorption and shock absorption, with good mechanical properties. 2. moisture, heat, easy to handle, etc.. 3. transport costs are low, and easy to achieve the mechanization of packaging and transport 4.easy to change the specification and size, can quickly adapt to the packaging of various items. 5 .packing box and the packing are both convenient and easy to the automate. 6 .can be adapted to various types of carton printing. 7 .waste bins are easy to recycle and reuse, which meets the requirement of environmental protection. 8 .can be combined with various kinds of covering or moisture proof material to expand the scope of its application.
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