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What Is The Dowty Retarder(Car Stopper)?

Principle of dowty retarder(car stopper)

The impact force of the locomotive is weakened by the friction of the blocker on the railway rail and the cushioning force of the spring of the car stopper.

Function of dowty retarder(car stopper)

Car stopper is used to marshall the end line of the station, and acts as a buffer brake when the vehicle is propelled or slid to prevent the vehicle from being off-line or hitting the earth block. When the car stopper is not set, the iron shoes are generally put on the railway rails before the earth block, and the rolling friction of the original wheel is converted into the sliding friction along the rail surface. It is possible to stop the vehicle after sliding a certain distance without hitting the earth block. This is braked by iron shoes.


According to the experimental determination, the sliding friction coefficient of the wheel and the rail (0.15-0.20) is much larger than the rolling friction coefficient (about 0.002). The car stopper increases the frictional resistance by increasing the sliding friction surface of the base, thereby providing a braking effect.

What Is The Dowty Retarder(Car Stopper)?

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