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Thirty-Five Years, Witnessing The Changes In China Railway

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In July 1983, 22-year-old Sun Shuli graduated from Southwest Jiaotong University with a major in railway engineering, he took a green leather train and returned to his hometown of Dingxing City, Hebei Province from Sichuan Province.

"Green leather train very slow, and it takes a day and two night time from school to home." Chief Engineer of China Railway Design Group Co., Ltd., Sun Shuli said. He recalled that the experience of 35 years ago is still quite emotional.

35 years have passed, reviewed his working life, Sun Shuli found that he has became the witness of the continuous extension of China railway. Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Railway, Beijing-Harbin Railway, Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway, Lhasa River Bridge, etc. Behind the engineering of great significance in the history of railway development in China, he has made a lot of efforts.

In 1990, it was a landmark year in the development of China's railways. In that time, the idea of building the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway surfaced. Although the parties have been arguing around this idea for a long time, in the Beijing-Harbin Railway, which started construction after 9 years, the basic theory of this concept has been verified by practice.

As the first railway passenger line with a basic design speed of 250 kilometers per hour, the Beijinig-Haerbin Railway was completed and opened to traffic in December 2002. Sun Shuli said that the construction of Beijing-Harbin Rilway has accumulated valuable experience for the later construction of high-speed railways in China. In 2005, the Beijing-Tianjin Railway started construction. He was responsible for the overall system planning and design of the entire project. Sun Shuli learned from the experience of the Beijing-Harbin Railway, applied these advantages, which greatly improved the quality of Beijing-Tianjin Railway.

Looking back at the past of railway changes, Sun Shuli is proud of her ability to participate and make active efforts. He is convinced that the future Chinese railway will surely go faster and further in the journey of the intelligent era.

Thirty-Five Years, Witnessing The Changes In China Railway

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